Jones Chapel United Methodist Church




  • Jones Chapel United Methodist Church Worship
    Come and be a part of the best
    congregation of followers of Jesus
    Christ our community has to offer!
  • Children
    Jones Chapel United Methodist Church
    takes pride in the work that we do
    with the children of the congregation!
  • Special Music
    Sonia McDaniel, Leigh Anne Myers,
    Patti Dobbs, and Danny Dills
    conduct a beautiful rendition of
    "I Will Rise" during our
    Traditional Service.
  • Summer Day Camp
    Campers participating
    in community service
    at local senior center!

Pastor Huycke-Minister at Jones Chapel UMC

Pastor Richard Huycke is brand new to the Jones Chapel UMC family. He served as the pastor of Cleveland UMC from June of 2007 to June of 2012. Rev. Huycke was raised in Atlanta, and has lived in GA his whole life. Pastor Huycke also has a Masters Degree from Emory University.

There is a place for you at Jones Chapel United Methodist Church!

I want to let you know more about the people…

First, we are not perfect; we all have things with which we struggle every day.

Second, in seeing and knowing those needs, we keep looking for the ways to make it through. We don’t have to have all the answers, just know the One who does. We do our best to keep our faith and our eyes on the ways that God is revealed and how we can then share Him.

Third, we look for the ways to help each other along the way. We believe that we need to extend a hand to someone to help them.

Lastly, even in our differences, our opinions, and our struggles, we believe that when we are seeking God, He will be found. I don’t know where you may be in your Faith Walk, but I do know that God can help, and God’s presence can be found at Jones Chapel United Methodist Church, let us know how we can help you.

- Pastor Dick Huycke

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